Home of Otter Tails, Otter Tubes, & Otter Spoons

Home of Otter Tails, Otter Tubes, & Otter Spoons

Otter Lures Below are Available Now! Other Otter Lures in Development Coming Soon.

Thousands of fresh and saltwater anglers across the country have increased their success using Capt. Bruce’s ‘OTTER TAILS’ as a trailer on all kinds of bucktails, spinner baits, flounder rigs, diamond jigs, plugs, spoons, tubes and more! An ORIGINAL CREATION by Capt. Bruce and quickly gaining popularity since 2006.

“OTTER TAILS” are NEARLY INDESTRUCTIBLE and TOTALLY IRRESISTIBLE. They are scented and come in more than 9 sizes and 11 different colors. Newest colors for the freshwater crowd are Green Watermelon, Pumpkins Seed and copper Penny. Get yours at a Tackle dealer near your or buy direct here!

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Few of My Favorite Things # 1 Otter Tails.

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Pork-rind bait has been popular since the 1920s, at least.

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New Fishing Lure is better than bait for striper fishing.

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