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Otter Lure and Tackle

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 A few words from Capt. Bruce about his OTTER Tubes:

My OTTER Tubes catch more and bigger bass than any other tube I’ve tried or tested.
While developing these lures over the years, I let the Bass make the decisions as to what color, length and action and what material they preferred. Simply put, whatever design feature caught more Bass was the feature I kept.
What you see in my simple tube is the length, material, color and action Bass prefer.
Our record catches and record fish (43 bass over 50 pounds and 2 over 60 pounds 2002 through 2014, are reason enough for me to continue to use my OTTER TUBES & OTTER Tail Baits.

I hunt TROPHY BASS with OTTER TUBES, & OTTER Tail Baits NOW you can too!!! I’m confident that you will also experience great success while fishing with OTTER TUBES & OTTER Tail Baits.

Proudly Made in the USA OTTER TUBES have these special features:
Adjustable action—NEW custom hooks, super sharp, and strong with better barbs—Choice of weights and High quality, translucent, supple tubing ; Tubes are 20 inches long.

For Trophy Striped Bass

Troll or retrieve slowly (1 to 2.5 mph) as close to the bottom and structures as possible.
You MUST have an OTTER TAIL, or other bait on the hook.
Best Baits to use are – OTTER Tail Baits but you can use a sand worm.
The TUBE should have a slow rolling action (not fast propeller spin) adjust accordingly.
To adjust tube action, coil tube and gently squeeze to bend into a banana-like shape.
To reach deeper depths, trolling drails 1 – 6 oz. can be added between leader and the main line.
Hooks must be kept sharp, sharpen as needed
Avoid sharp kinks in tube by not grasping tube while lifting smaller fish out of water.
Use net or take hold of the line.
To avoid line twist, keep all swivels clean of fine weed and free working.
Trolling success with these tubes depends mostly on the ability to put these tubes where the bass are with the proper bait and presented at a slow speed.
NOTE: the tubes were designed for Striped Bass but are also deadly on Bluefish.
Recommended set up for most trolling is Penn 330 or similar reel with 100 feet of braided 50 to 60 pound backing attached to 300 feet of 45 pound test lead line with a 25 foot 50 to 60 pound monoleader and snap swivel. (Lighter set ups with braided line or lighter pound test lead line with appropriate reel / rod can be used effectively as can wire line for deeper trolling.)
For Casting, shorten leader on Tube rig to about 20 inches.
Otter Tube can also be used for drifting by tying Otter Tube leader directly to 3-way swivel set-up.

Best of luck! Captain Bruce Millar – Capt. Bruce Sportfishing charters out of Groton, CT aboard his boat the “Otter”