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Otter "Bunker" Spoons

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Otter Spoons are also unique in their shape and action having been designed, developed, and used by Captain Bruce on his charter boat (The Otter) for many years.

Otter Spoons come in 3 sizes:

Large: 7 1/4″  11oz.  For trolling.

Medium: 4 3/4″ 3.5oz.  For trolling & heavy casting.

Small: 3 3/4″  2oz.  For casting and trolling.

We offer 4 standard colors in a high tech reflective sticker that is easily replaceable and lasts hundreds of hours. We also offer die cut replacement stickers in our 5 standard colors.

These spoons have superior action, adjustable weights and unmatched dazzling colors. Best of all they are at a much lower price than competitive spoons. You can buy the best for less!!! Also available are die cut replacement stickers for your spoons. Custom Handmade in the USA! WTP Company offers 100’s of optional colors you can purchase from them.